Mademoiselle Spin

Our dream

Find the perfect mix between pole dance and lingerie.

It all started with the meeting in Paris in 2015 of a pole dance enthusiast and a lingerie designer. After a few month of work to develop our first Mademoiselle Spin collection, we have finally reached our dream:

  • Empower the pole dancer's body
  • Propose clothes designed for pole dancing
  • Offer high quality clothing

Our mission

Bring a hint of couture in your pole dance closet

As Mademoiselle Spin loves pretty lingerie, and the way it adorns women bodies, she thought she could do the same with pole dance wear. Beautiful shapes, original and sensual strap designs, a second skin techno fabric,...these are our ingredients to celebrate the curves, muscles and lines of the pole dancer's bodies. 

Each of our design is unique and designed just for you, your body, and your performances on the pole. Because we know that self-confidence can be enhanced when you feel beautiful and confortable in your clothes. 

Our approach

Quality and durability

Since we started our polewear journey in 2015, all our collections have been imagined, drawn, and conceived in France in collaboration with lingerie and sportswear experts. We carefully source our fabrics in France and in Italy from specialized manufacturers (performance fabrics, lace and tulle) certified OEKO-TEX®, to ensure you get first quality materials that were manufactured under the best possible conditions, and that will last you a long time.

Our polewear is carefully sawn in a human-sized atelier in Tunisia with expertise in lingerie and sportswear, which understands the value of treating employees well. The impact on the environment is reduced through re-employment and recycling of fabric offcuts.

Mademoiselle Spin Collection